Monday, July 17, 2006

A Weekend with no Poker

Since the Poker bust on Thursday night, Jeremy and I were a little confused about how our weekend would go. We were affected in three ways. Jeremy didn't have to work Saturday night, which meant no extra spending money and we usually flip a coin over who plays the early/late game on Sunday...and, well...there was none. So, instead we spent a nice, boring weekend as a family. A little grocery shopping, a little nail painting, some Home Depot stuff, a dinner out, and that was about it.

We went to the beach on Sunday morning, but since we live so close to one now, it's not really that big of a deal. Do the people that grew up here (or near another beach) realize how lucky they are? Some people plan for months or even years to take their families on a beach vacation, and we get to decide after breakfast to toss on some suimsuits, grab the bucket of toys and a towel and head out. Fifteen minutes later, our toes are in the Atlantic Ocean... We took Annie Doo Doo this time, and it was her first visit to the actual "ocean". She's been to the river side of the Cove many times, and she has a blast with the big waves and chasing her ball up and down the beach. It was pretty deserted so we let her be off the leash for over an hour. She did well until it was time to walk back to the car and she took off after some fisherman. Luckily, they saw her coming and were careful. Dumb dog.

I have some new pics of Emily's birthday party to post. Maybe I'll get to them tonight.


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