Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Holy $hit, She's Blogging Again!

I've been so B-O-R-E-D lately, and have chosen not to pass that boredom onto you, faithful readership of 4, maybe 5 on a good day, but I finally have something to post. It's a Meme that I read over at Tam's who got it from Here. A Meme to me is kind of like a survey, which anyone who is my MySpace friend, knows that I can't resist! So here goes nothing....

Four Jobs I've Had:

Bill Collector - It started as a part time job in high school at Limited Credit Services. After your training period in "New Accounts" (instant credit was just becoming popular, you could swipe your major credit card at any Limited, Express, Bath and Body Works, Lane Bryant store and get "instantly approved" or the associate would have to call us and give us some basic info off the customers drivers license, then get the "instant approval") you were given the choice of Customer Service or Collections. I'm just not much of a customer service person, so I chose collections. It was a fun couple of years and pretty good money compared to fast food. After I left Limited Credit Services during my freshman year of college, I continued at Discover Card. Same shit, different desk. I've gone back to collections as an "in between job" several times and have collected on everything from credit cards to bounced checks to cars. I would recommend this type of job to anyone starting out in the job market, the pay is decent and often incentive based, and you will actually learn usable skills like how to not sound like an idiot on the phone, reasoning with people dumber than you, and basic math.

Daycare Worker - I was 19 and I lasted for 4 days, one of which was out of the center training. On Thursday when I came home and called a two year girl a bitch for spreading mulch on the floor, I knew I didn't need to ever go back to that place again. And, people, they let me have my child after that! To this day, if you tell me that you're in the child care business, I know that you're crazy.

Ice Cream Shop Employee - I think every pre-teen girl had this job. Mine was at a place called the Dairy Hut. I swear the place was no bigger than my bedroom and we usually had 3 or 4 girls working. Our manager was the owner's 16 year daughter who spent the whole time on the payphone or out back smoking cigarettes. She was awesome! Sometimes the job was really fun, like when it was raining and we would sit on buckets and eat hot fudge. Sometimes the job sucked like when the Little League teams would bombard us and I would end up making 55 Blizzards in a row. I made $3 an hour, I rode my bike to work, and it was time that my pre-teen-ness needed away from the 'rents.

Bartending - I was going to put in my current job, but I don't have a title and can't really describe it, so... I was going to put in Retail, but we've all worked it before and know how much it sucks, so.... Bartending it is. I started bartending shortly after I had Emily. Jer's sister, Allison, had this twice a week gig at the local bowling alley that basically involved opening a few dozen beer bottles a night and maybe making some cash while walking off that extra baby weight. She was quitting, and she convinced the manager to hire me in her place. It was fun while it lasted, but I'm not "from" that town and I don't sleep around with the patrons, so I didn't stay too long. I then proceeded to bartend at the local biker bar for a few weekends. Again, I wouldn't sleep with the patrons, so the slutty manager/owner "let me go". Finally, I worked at this joint in town where you could still get a Black Velvet on the rocks for $1.95. My 10 male customers every night would sit and order these until 3 a.m. and then proceed to leave me the nickel on every drink. That is, unless they decided to use the nickels towards the end of the night to purchase "just one more" and I would end up with nothing. After three nights of making less than $20 in a 10 hour shift and watching the owners get so trashed that they would sleep on the pool tables - I told them to shove it.

Maybe more tomorrow....One never knows!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Life with Emily

I know, it's not my house, or my kid, but it could very well be! If you ever want to know what living with a three year old is like, check this out!

And thanks again Kristen for introducing me to this website, I love it!

Sick Eyes

And now we have "sick eyes". The kind that water all day long and then goopy stuff comes out. Help!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Week that Never Ends

After the impromptu Wednesday off last week for the 4th, this week has been dragging. And dragging. And dragging. Emily and I both picked up a little cold, probably due to swimming in the rain. Fun, yes, but probably not the best idea. I find it hard to believe how many colds we've had in the past two years. I really thought that moving to a warmer climate would mean less sickness, but I don't know if it's daycare or South Florida germs, but it feels like at least once a month or so, we're sick. And it's the kind of sick that really sucks. The kind that you still have to get up to go to work and school because it's not that bad during the day, but then you suffer all night with a cough and stuffy head. My throat was sore again this morning which usually indicates the beginning for me, but I've already been sick for 5 days! ARGH!

In other news, Emily forgot her juice this morning, so we had to stop at the gas station and buy her something to drink. She's sick, she needs her fluids! I decided to avoid the regular gas station because 1.) it's always crowded 2.) they have a donut station that Emily can't seem to stay away from. That was a big mistake. I pull into the other gas station and hop out. Emily decides on Strawberry milk, I decide on a Sugar Free Redbull. And, we split a small package of donuts. The strawberry milk was in a glass jar, so I poured it into a styrofoam cup. I went up to pay and the cashiers informs me that I'm going to have to pay for a 20 oz soda since I used the cup. Huh? Can't they just charge me a quarter or something? Nope. So, our total comes to $5.55. I swipe my card, the machine says Thank You and I start to leave. She tells me that I have to wait for her machine to say it's ok. Alrighty. A minute or two passes. I'm still waiting. Finally, she decides that I need to reswipe my card. I don't like that, and I'm still positive it's going to show up on my card. This time, it goes through immediately. For the WRONG amount! I'm standing there waiting on her to figure out what to do and she decides that she needs to void out the transaction and rering it. No way. Finally, she gives me some cash back and we're on our way. It took a total of 14 minutes. I hate mornings.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Emily turned the big “3” on Saturday July 7th, 2007. Quoted as the “luckiest” day on earth, but I think they missed the mark by a few years!

What feels like yesterday, I was holding this tiny, purple (are you sure she isn’t black? asked Jeremy a few minutes after she was born) baby with a black mohawk for hair. I remember standing on my front stoop at our tiny apartment in Jefferson, OH in the blazing heat the day after I brought her home from the hospital. All of our friends drove by on their way out of town, loaded up in “Regina”, not knowing that it would be her final trip to the Hills, and for most of them, their final trip too. They honked and waved and all of the sudden I was filled with this strange feeling. I didn’t want to go camping and boozing for the weekend. I wanted to stay home and get to know this little new person. Weird. Jamboree in the Hills and Emily will always be linked. I met Jeremy at JITH 2003, and Emily was born the weekend before JITH 2004. Yep, we moved quickly, but when you know, you know, or something like that!

Anyways, back to Emily. Now, she is in “pre-school”. Almost 3 ½ foot tall, big enough to ride in a “pink seat”, blond hair that needs regular haircuts, big blue eyes that aren’t quite the same color as his, but share the inability to hide their emotions. A love for the outdoors and animals, and little patience for a slower pace. Attitude from here to there and back again, full of energy and words that never seem to stop tumbling out. Sometimes all I wish for is a minute of peace and quiet, then when I finally get it, I can’t wait for her to wake up or come home so I can hear what she’s thinking about again. It might be monsters. Or hotdogs. Or Dora. You never know with my muffin.

No longer do we have the simple debates regarding temperature of the bottle or what brand of diapers to buy. Now, we have to discuss the “real” stuff like what preschool to send her to. Is it important for her to learn at the age of three or to play for another year? Is she really smarter than the average kid, or is it just because love makes you blind? Or, what is the best way to discipline her. I don’t want to break her spirit, but at what point will she learn to use utensils properly? I can’t handle her feeding herself with her hands for much longer!

I think the hardest thing for me is going to be the realization that she’s her own person now. I’ve had a doll to play with, but that doll is starting to have her own likes and dislikes and she makes them known! At night, I can still put her to bed and she’ll stay put and listen to stories and songs as long as I can perform. But one night, she’ll be too big for backrubs and the Itsy Bitsy Spider. She’s already starting to direct the performance. It’s her choice what books we read, how many, what songs we sing, what order. I can only hope my final curtain call doesn’t come for years and years.

I still feel a pang of jealousy when I hear others talk about their weekends with friends and food and liquor and concerts and the beach and bikinis. But, then I realize that they didn’t get to spend 07/07/07 – the luckiest day – watching Emily finally conquer the “big kids” tunnel at Chuck E Cheese and they totally missed the smile on her face as she emerged at the end, 20 feet up in the air, and they didn’t get to hear her yell “Momma, I did it!” That one was mine. All mine.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Photo for Mommy

Value Meal Killa

Today I got to thinking about FOOD, because FOOD is my favorite topic and I wondered, what is your favorite lunch?

Most of my readers (hi Kristen!) will name places I've never been in god-forsaken Ohio, but here's mine for what it's worth...

1.) Yellow Tail - Fish Tacos - $9.95 - A lot of people get grossed out by the idea of fish tacos, but people, its really really good! This restaurant makes them out of Mahi-Mahi which is a dry fish and I order them blackened (aka spicy). They are served as nice slices of fish in a tortilla with a pico de gallo side and guacamole and sour cream. Oh, and steak fries. I love me some fries!!!

2.) Lazy Daze - Atkins Cheeseburger with Onion Straws -$8.00 - Another favorite local haunt, this place just screams at me JAMIE JAMIE JAMIE. The prices are great, the cooks hook me up, it all works for me. When I've had a particulary stressful (i.e. hungover) day, nothing hits the spot like a double cheeseburger (medium) on a bed of lettuce versus the bun and wonderful, wonderful onion, covered in mustard. Oh, and Onion Straws. I love me some onion straws!!!

3.) Leftover Office Food - FREE! - Sometimes, in the nature of my job, I don't get to eat lunch until everyone else has ordered and done. If I time it just right, I can hit the breakroom when all the skinny girls are just about done with their lunches and manage to get half a quesadilla, some fries, a little bit of fruit salad, and even some pudding or on a good day, chocolate cake- for FREE!!!

4.) Publix Sushi - $5 - A treat usually reserved for payday Fridays 'cause it's close to the bank and they make it fresh on Fridays. Any Sushi lovers delight! They will make whatever you want and charge you grocery store prices because 1.) You're hot 2.) Everyone there is older than you by 40 years 3.) It's in the ghetto

5.) My leftovers are better than your leftovers - FREE - I'll admit it, I'm a pretty decent cook. And my favorite lunch of all is the one that I remember to bring in from the night before and then I'm reminded at lunch time how spectaculary awesome I am!!!

So, um, that's that. When's lunch?

Public Walkways

As a nod to Kristen and her recent issues with public transportation, today, I found a pet peeve of my own. I was walking back from picking up my lunch at a restaurant a few doors down and these three woman were literally waddling back to their offices, taking up the entire sidewalk with their slow fat-woman walk and puffing on their cigarattes. Now, as a fat woman, somtimes smoker, I feel their need for an after lunch ciggy and I'm not a super fast walker in the 100 degree heat plus humidity.

BUT - they acknowledged the fact that I was behind them with food in my hands, and they still didn't bother to move over!!! I finally had to step in to the busy downtown street to pass them and then they laughed and talked about me to my back. Bitches.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Has Anyone Seen This Child?

My little Emily has been in Ohio for the past week. It must be cold there!

The Chili discussion cont...

A few months back, while reading Audient's blog, I was reminded of Wendy's Chili and what a value it was at 99 cents. Well, I'm sad to report, the price has gone up to 1.09. Still awesome with the Hot Chili Seasoning, but not as awesome.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007