Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Holy $hit, She's Blogging Again!

I've been so B-O-R-E-D lately, and have chosen not to pass that boredom onto you, faithful readership of 4, maybe 5 on a good day, but I finally have something to post. It's a Meme that I read over at Tam's who got it from Here. A Meme to me is kind of like a survey, which anyone who is my MySpace friend, knows that I can't resist! So here goes nothing....

Four Jobs I've Had:

Bill Collector - It started as a part time job in high school at Limited Credit Services. After your training period in "New Accounts" (instant credit was just becoming popular, you could swipe your major credit card at any Limited, Express, Bath and Body Works, Lane Bryant store and get "instantly approved" or the associate would have to call us and give us some basic info off the customers drivers license, then get the "instant approval") you were given the choice of Customer Service or Collections. I'm just not much of a customer service person, so I chose collections. It was a fun couple of years and pretty good money compared to fast food. After I left Limited Credit Services during my freshman year of college, I continued at Discover Card. Same shit, different desk. I've gone back to collections as an "in between job" several times and have collected on everything from credit cards to bounced checks to cars. I would recommend this type of job to anyone starting out in the job market, the pay is decent and often incentive based, and you will actually learn usable skills like how to not sound like an idiot on the phone, reasoning with people dumber than you, and basic math.

Daycare Worker - I was 19 and I lasted for 4 days, one of which was out of the center training. On Thursday when I came home and called a two year girl a bitch for spreading mulch on the floor, I knew I didn't need to ever go back to that place again. And, people, they let me have my child after that! To this day, if you tell me that you're in the child care business, I know that you're crazy.

Ice Cream Shop Employee - I think every pre-teen girl had this job. Mine was at a place called the Dairy Hut. I swear the place was no bigger than my bedroom and we usually had 3 or 4 girls working. Our manager was the owner's 16 year daughter who spent the whole time on the payphone or out back smoking cigarettes. She was awesome! Sometimes the job was really fun, like when it was raining and we would sit on buckets and eat hot fudge. Sometimes the job sucked like when the Little League teams would bombard us and I would end up making 55 Blizzards in a row. I made $3 an hour, I rode my bike to work, and it was time that my pre-teen-ness needed away from the 'rents.

Bartending - I was going to put in my current job, but I don't have a title and can't really describe it, so... I was going to put in Retail, but we've all worked it before and know how much it sucks, so.... Bartending it is. I started bartending shortly after I had Emily. Jer's sister, Allison, had this twice a week gig at the local bowling alley that basically involved opening a few dozen beer bottles a night and maybe making some cash while walking off that extra baby weight. She was quitting, and she convinced the manager to hire me in her place. It was fun while it lasted, but I'm not "from" that town and I don't sleep around with the patrons, so I didn't stay too long. I then proceeded to bartend at the local biker bar for a few weekends. Again, I wouldn't sleep with the patrons, so the slutty manager/owner "let me go". Finally, I worked at this joint in town where you could still get a Black Velvet on the rocks for $1.95. My 10 male customers every night would sit and order these until 3 a.m. and then proceed to leave me the nickel on every drink. That is, unless they decided to use the nickels towards the end of the night to purchase "just one more" and I would end up with nothing. After three nights of making less than $20 in a 10 hour shift and watching the owners get so trashed that they would sleep on the pool tables - I told them to shove it.

Maybe more tomorrow....One never knows!!!