Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Week that Never Ends

After the impromptu Wednesday off last week for the 4th, this week has been dragging. And dragging. And dragging. Emily and I both picked up a little cold, probably due to swimming in the rain. Fun, yes, but probably not the best idea. I find it hard to believe how many colds we've had in the past two years. I really thought that moving to a warmer climate would mean less sickness, but I don't know if it's daycare or South Florida germs, but it feels like at least once a month or so, we're sick. And it's the kind of sick that really sucks. The kind that you still have to get up to go to work and school because it's not that bad during the day, but then you suffer all night with a cough and stuffy head. My throat was sore again this morning which usually indicates the beginning for me, but I've already been sick for 5 days! ARGH!

In other news, Emily forgot her juice this morning, so we had to stop at the gas station and buy her something to drink. She's sick, she needs her fluids! I decided to avoid the regular gas station because 1.) it's always crowded 2.) they have a donut station that Emily can't seem to stay away from. That was a big mistake. I pull into the other gas station and hop out. Emily decides on Strawberry milk, I decide on a Sugar Free Redbull. And, we split a small package of donuts. The strawberry milk was in a glass jar, so I poured it into a styrofoam cup. I went up to pay and the cashiers informs me that I'm going to have to pay for a 20 oz soda since I used the cup. Huh? Can't they just charge me a quarter or something? Nope. So, our total comes to $5.55. I swipe my card, the machine says Thank You and I start to leave. She tells me that I have to wait for her machine to say it's ok. Alrighty. A minute or two passes. I'm still waiting. Finally, she decides that I need to reswipe my card. I don't like that, and I'm still positive it's going to show up on my card. This time, it goes through immediately. For the WRONG amount! I'm standing there waiting on her to figure out what to do and she decides that she needs to void out the transaction and rering it. No way. Finally, she gives me some cash back and we're on our way. It took a total of 14 minutes. I hate mornings.


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