Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Public Walkways

As a nod to Kristen and her recent issues with public transportation, today, I found a pet peeve of my own. I was walking back from picking up my lunch at a restaurant a few doors down and these three woman were literally waddling back to their offices, taking up the entire sidewalk with their slow fat-woman walk and puffing on their cigarattes. Now, as a fat woman, somtimes smoker, I feel their need for an after lunch ciggy and I'm not a super fast walker in the 100 degree heat plus humidity.

BUT - they acknowledged the fact that I was behind them with food in my hands, and they still didn't bother to move over!!! I finally had to step in to the busy downtown street to pass them and then they laughed and talked about me to my back. Bitches.


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