Monday, March 05, 2007

Flat Tires, Beeping Smoke Alarms, and Ingrown Toenails

I hate Blogger, it always eats my posts, so this is it's last shot before I'm forced to switch to something else!!!

Flat Tires:
Jeremy had three flat tires this weekend! He drives a tiny little car, so when the front tire went flat at 75 mph on I95, I'm sure he had to be scared! He pulled over, quickly mounted the spare tire, and was off. Later that night, the spare went flat. He was forced to leave the car on the side of the road and catch a ride with friends. Sunday morning, he had the tire replaced, and we drove out to PSL and changed it. Again. The afternoon actually turned out pretty well, because I'm always looking for an excuse to check out a part of town that I'm not familiar with and eat at a new restaurant. This week it was Chuck E Cheese. Hey, don't knock it, it was fun!

Beeping Smoke Alarms:
Gina wrote a post a few weeks ago regarding her smoke alarm that started beeping due to a low battery in the middle of the night. It reminded me that some of mine were due for a battery change, but as is my nature, I never did it. Last night, the one in the hallway that can't be reached without a fire truck ladder (or so it seems) started up about 4:00 a.m. Every 15 minutes, or as soon as I would fall back asleep, it would beep again. Lovely.

Ingrown Toenails:
I decided to get a pedicure this weekend, because, well, I live in Florida and my toes are exposed all the time, so monthly pedicures must be worked into the budget. I went to this new place that I tried once before when I had a coupon. I like this place because it's never crowded, and the owner will normally put on cartoons which really helps occupy the ever present two year old. I won't be going back after this visit though. I don't like when they cut my cuticles, I would rather have them pushed back, and I usually push them back before I go just to avoid this whole dilemna. This girl decided to not only cut away my cuticles making a few of them bleed! but then took it upon herself to dig at my big toe in search of an ingrown toenail. That toenail has been ingrown my whole life, I don't care! Leave it alone! Now it is all red and hurts really bad. And I let Emily pick out the color and I don't really like it. Blech.

So, thats my whole boring weekend in one boring post. Yay.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your weekend doesn't sound boring, it sounds tragic. I wouldn't want to get out of bed if all that happened to me in one weekend.

I hate getting bad pedis. Once I got one and was reading a mag when they grabbed the bottle of polish I had picked out. Turns out there was another bottle sitting near it, and they painted my toenails MAUVE instead of hot sex red like I wanted.

1:44 PM  

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