Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Photo for Mommy

Value Meal Killa

Today I got to thinking about FOOD, because FOOD is my favorite topic and I wondered, what is your favorite lunch?

Most of my readers (hi Kristen!) will name places I've never been in god-forsaken Ohio, but here's mine for what it's worth...

1.) Yellow Tail - Fish Tacos - $9.95 - A lot of people get grossed out by the idea of fish tacos, but people, its really really good! This restaurant makes them out of Mahi-Mahi which is a dry fish and I order them blackened (aka spicy). They are served as nice slices of fish in a tortilla with a pico de gallo side and guacamole and sour cream. Oh, and steak fries. I love me some fries!!!

2.) Lazy Daze - Atkins Cheeseburger with Onion Straws -$8.00 - Another favorite local haunt, this place just screams at me JAMIE JAMIE JAMIE. The prices are great, the cooks hook me up, it all works for me. When I've had a particulary stressful (i.e. hungover) day, nothing hits the spot like a double cheeseburger (medium) on a bed of lettuce versus the bun and wonderful, wonderful onion, covered in mustard. Oh, and Onion Straws. I love me some onion straws!!!

3.) Leftover Office Food - FREE! - Sometimes, in the nature of my job, I don't get to eat lunch until everyone else has ordered and done. If I time it just right, I can hit the breakroom when all the skinny girls are just about done with their lunches and manage to get half a quesadilla, some fries, a little bit of fruit salad, and even some pudding or on a good day, chocolate cake- for FREE!!!

4.) Publix Sushi - $5 - A treat usually reserved for payday Fridays 'cause it's close to the bank and they make it fresh on Fridays. Any Sushi lovers delight! They will make whatever you want and charge you grocery store prices because 1.) You're hot 2.) Everyone there is older than you by 40 years 3.) It's in the ghetto

5.) My leftovers are better than your leftovers - FREE - I'll admit it, I'm a pretty decent cook. And my favorite lunch of all is the one that I remember to bring in from the night before and then I'm reminded at lunch time how spectaculary awesome I am!!!

So, um, that's that. When's lunch?

Public Walkways

As a nod to Kristen and her recent issues with public transportation, today, I found a pet peeve of my own. I was walking back from picking up my lunch at a restaurant a few doors down and these three woman were literally waddling back to their offices, taking up the entire sidewalk with their slow fat-woman walk and puffing on their cigarattes. Now, as a fat woman, somtimes smoker, I feel their need for an after lunch ciggy and I'm not a super fast walker in the 100 degree heat plus humidity.

BUT - they acknowledged the fact that I was behind them with food in my hands, and they still didn't bother to move over!!! I finally had to step in to the busy downtown street to pass them and then they laughed and talked about me to my back. Bitches.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Has Anyone Seen This Child?

My little Emily has been in Ohio for the past week. It must be cold there!

The Chili discussion cont...

A few months back, while reading Audient's blog, I was reminded of Wendy's Chili and what a value it was at 99 cents. Well, I'm sad to report, the price has gone up to 1.09. Still awesome with the Hot Chili Seasoning, but not as awesome.