Thursday, December 29, 2005

Why I moved to Florida

Today is Dec 29th, but you would never know it! For the past week or so, it has been GORGEOUS here! High 70's and sunny during the day, 50 and clear at night. I love it!

Today at lunch I was driving with the windows down and couldn't believe that it is New Years in just a few days, and heck, it was Christmas just a few days ago! Where is the snow? I don't care, I have sunshine in my hair....
If I was getting any sleep at night, or at least some action, I could be as witty as this guy!

P.S. Can someone with knowledge tell me how to make that link "clickable"?

I was right!

Last night sucked! She was up from 1230 to 5 a.m. pretty much. Yay for me, the mom.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Just go to Sleep!

I'm not sure what is up with my child lately. Ok, maybe I do. She is recovering from an ear infection, brochitis, sinusitis and whatever else was floating around her daycare. But, she has been on her pink stuff now for almost a week and is feeling better - so why won't she sleep?@#$

Let me start from the beginning...

Emily Sue Park entered this world on July 7, 2004. She has always been a "decent" sleeper, basically because I'm a good mom and I had her on a good schedule. Then, 4 months ago we move to Florida and I had to put her in daycare. Since then she has been sick almost the whole time and is now refusing to sleep at night. And I mean refusing. Not just crying for her pacifer or crying because she lost her blanket, but SCREAMING to get out of bed! So, every night I have to get out of my nice warm bed and sit up with her for hours until she finally falls asleep and I can sneek her into bed. This is not what I signed up for! This better be a "phase" or she's going up for adoption. No joke.

Well, she's napping so I should too because I'm sure tonight will be another long one. Great.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sand is White Too!

Disclaimer: I'm not all that "technical" so I'm bound to screw this up, but here goes nothin'!

The Tito family has officially become Florida residents. We have nifty new driver licenses and I even changed my cell to a local number. Does that mean that this is home now? Nah, I misplace my license at least once a year and I change my cell number more than my bra.

We did enter into an "agreement" with my parents and they fronted a down payment and their good FICA score, so we get to live in a house instead of a crap hole apartment. YAY! The "agreement" states that we have to live there at least 366 days, so I guess we won't be moving again until at least October 29th, 2006.

On a completely other note - Christmas is 3 days away. Or is it 4? It's hard to tell here because its 65 degrees and sunny. Being an Ohio native, you know it's Christmas when you forget what asphault looks like because you haven't seen any in a month. So, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Joyous Winter Solstice, whatever. Eat lots of cookies.