Tuesday, January 03, 2006

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I am back at work today (I was back yesterday too, but only for a half day when my boss figured out that everything else was closed and all we were doing was surfing the net on company time). That means that the kid is back in daycare today. So she'll be sick again by Friday. Yay for me.

Being a mother is the toughest job I've ever had. Every other job you can complain about, and if you hate it, just quit. But not this one. It's also the best job I've ever had too. Jeremy's sister, Allison, was here for a visit last week and she made a comment to me on the 3rd morning of Emily being up all night about how she would never be able to have a child because she doesn't have the patience. It really made me think, because anyone who knows me knows that I have absolutely no patience. I'm the girl that gets out of line with a cart full of stuff that I just spent an hour shopping for because the checkout lady is too slow. I'm the girl that is constantly yelling at people on the road for only going the speedlimit. I'm the girl that can't wait until I get home to eat my McDonalds drive thru. I'm the girl that clicks and reclicks links on webpages because they are too slow in loading. But, when it comes to having patience with my child, it's not even an issue. I don't even think twice about staying up wiht her all night when she is sick. Yes, I'm tired the next day and like to complain about it, but I'll do it night after night after night. Being a mother changes you.

And with that - Congratulations to my friend Jeanne Anne who is expecting her first child and my friend Raquel who is expecting her second. And no, MrsTito will not be having another baby Tito anytime soon so don't ask!


Blogger Poycer said...

I know what you mean about parenting being tougher than anyone without kids can ever understand, but at the same time you somehow find a way to do it. My issue isn't impatience so much, it's liking things my own way and having a hard time compromising. Before Her Royal Highness came along, I was used to keeping my home the way I preferred and spending my time the way I wanted. I guess it's ironic that I got a kid who's as strong-willed as I am! One of us has to compromise, and it's not usually her.

8:58 AM  
Blogger Poycer said...

P.S. I think I'm going to stick with MySpace for blogging. That means one fewer website to keep track of.

9:00 AM  
Blogger MrsTito said...

Yeah, but then only "myspacers" can read it. Here is is open to the public. One of the last sites you can actually visit without logging in!

11:20 AM  
Blogger Poycer said...

Good point. I'll keep using both for a while and see how it works. I just uploaded a new pic of Katie to my blog on here. It shows the results of our handiwork this morning :)

8:27 AM  

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