Friday, April 28, 2006

The Worlds Longest Survey

"Borrowed" From:

1. Name: Jamie Sue Crawford

2. Single or Taken: Taken

3. Sex: Yes, please

4. Siblings: 1 younger brother - Craig

5. Eye color: brown

6. Shoe size: 8.5

7. Height: 5'8

8. Innie or Outie: Innie

9. What are you wearing right now? black pants, red sweater

10.Where do you live? Vero Beach, FL

Where did 11 go??

12. Can you make a dollar in change right now: doubtful, I use plastic

13. Do you have a BF or GF: Yes, his name is Jeremy, aka Tito.

14. Did you send this to your crush? Nope, and he never checks his email, much less my blog, so feel free to talk bad about him

15. Best place to go for a date? : We liked the Ocean Grille


1. Kind of pants: black ones with no buttons, snaps

2. Number: 5

3. Boys Name: Jeremy, Michael, Scott, David

4. Girls Name: Emily, Katie, Rachel

5. Animal: dog

6. Drinks: Diet Coke, Miller Lite

7. Month: March

8. Juice: Apple

9. Breakfast: anything that combines eggs, cheese, green peppers, onions and pototoes

10. Cartoon character(s): Sagawa


Have You Ever..

1. Given anyone a bath?: Yep, almost every night I give one to Emily

2. Smoked? on occasion

3. Bungee Jumped? absolutely not

4. Made yourself throw-up?: I tried once or twice when I was "fat". HA HA

5. Gone skinny dipping: yes

6. Put your tongue on a frozen pole: No, but practiced on popsicles

7. Loved someone so much it made you cry?: yep

8. Broken a bone: nope, only twisted ankles

9. Played truth or dare: yes

10. Been in a police car: yes

11. Been on a plane: lots

12. Came close to dying: Maybe, I've put myself in bad situations before

13. Been in a sauna: yes

14. Been in a hot tub: yes

15. Swam in the ocean: ew, yes, take me to the pool!

Was there a 16 at some point?

17. Ran away?: Sure. I ran away from Pickerington to Dublin. I ran from Dublin to Lewis Center. From Lewis Center to Cleveland. From Cleveland to Florida. I'm starting to figure out that the problems follow me no matter what I do.

18. Broken someone's heart: Maybe

19. Cried when someone died: Of course

20. Cried in school: I tried really hard not to, but it probably happened

21. Fell off your chair: Oh, several times

22. Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: Nope, but have fallen asleep many nights clutching my cell phone just in case

23. Saved any IM convos: Not sure that I've ever had one

24. Saved emails: for work maybe

25. Made out with/kissed just a friend?: yep

26. Used someone: sure thing, to get free drinks, to get free food, to get tickets to a good game/concert, etc, and if you say that you haven't, you're lying


What is...

1. Your good luck charm?: don't really have one

2. One Best song you ever heard: Rascal Flatts My Worst Fear, it was the timing of it more than the actual song I'm sure

3. What's your room like: a mess, my sheets need washed, I need to put away laundry and my bathroom is filthy

4. What is beside you?: the floor book for work and some other junk

5. The last thing you ate?: broccoli rabe pizza with garlic - it was sooooooo good

6. What kind of shampoo do you use? Pantene Pro V


Ever Had...

1. Chicken pox: Yes, twice

2. Sore Throat: of course

3. Stitches: Only in my tongue

4. Broken nose: no, ouch!

Do You...

1. Believe in love at first sight: not really

2. Like picnics: as long as someone else is making the food, lugging it in and cleaning it up

3. Liked school: pretty well


1. What schools have you gone to: elementary, middle, high, Ohio State University, Franklin University

2.Who was the last person you called: my mom

3. Who was the last person you slow danced with: Emily

4. Who did you last dirty dance with: Jeremy



1. Did you last yell at: Annie for chasing and nipping at Emily

2. Broke your heart: Jeremy tried to, but I wouldn't let him

3. Told you they loved you: Emily (wuv you)

4. loudest friend? that would be probably Robbie


Do you?

1. Do you like filling these out: obviously

2. Do you wear contact lenses or glasses: bof'um

3. Do you like yourself: obviously

4. Do you get along with your family: mostly



1. What are you listening to right now?: Kathy talking on the phone

2. What did you do yesterday?: work, eat, sleep

3. Gotten any awards: a few back in the day

4. What car do you wish to have?: a yellow corvette convertible

5. Where do you want to get married?: anywhere

6. Good driver?: oh yeah

7. Good singer?: nope

9. How many remote controls are in your house: 4 or 5

10. What do you dream about?: sleep

11. When you last showered: this morning

12. Scary or Funny Movies: funny

13. Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate

14. Root beer or Dr. Pepper: Dr Pepper

15. Skiing or SnowBoarding: skiing

16. Summer or winter?: summer

17. Silver or Gold?: silver

18. Sprite or 7up: Sprite

19. Coffee or tea: coffee

20. Phone or in person: in person

21. Are you oldest, middle, youngest: oldest

22. Indoor or outdoor: outdoor

23. Diamond or pearl: diamond


Today did you:

1. Talk to someone you like: of course, Jeremy called me

2. bought something? ha ha no! Someone else bought lunch

3. Get sick: I have a headache

4. Sang: I don't think so

5. Talked to an ex: no

6. Miss someone: oh yeah

7. Work out: not today


Last person who....

1. Was in your bed: me

2. Saw you cry: Jeremy

3. Made you cry: Jeremy

4. Went to the movies with: Jeremy

5.Went to the mall: Emily

6. Said "I Love You" and meant it: Emily

7. You Hugged: Emily

8. Kissed you: Emily


Have you..

1. Ever been in a fight with your pet: Nah, she's getting better

2. Been to California: yes, twice

3. Been to Mexico: No

4. Been to Canada: Yes

5. Been to Europe: No



1. Do you have a crush on someone: nope

2. What book are you reading now? I've been trying to finish one for a while, but it's really boring, so I keep falling asleep

3. Best feeling in the world: being full (of food, love, life, etc)

4. Future KIDS names: David Jeremy Park for a boy and Molly Mary Park for a girl

6. Whats under your bed: who the hell knows

7. Favorite sports to watch: college football

8. Piercing/Tattoos: ears and ankle

10. Who do you really hate?: no one besides maybe George Bush

11. Have you ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with: Nah

12. Have you ever cried: no never

13. Are you lonely right now? nope

14. Song that's stuck in your head right now: I am Rosemary's granddaughter, a spitting image of my father

15. Have you ever played strip poker: yep

16. Have you ever gotten beat up: just once

17. Have you ever been on radio/TV: yes

20. Last person you talked to on the phone?: some Realtor

21. Your Favorite Food?: pizza and chocolate

23. Popcorn flavor? salted and buttered or kettle corn

24. Cats or Dogs: Big Dogs

26. How many pillows do you sleep with: 1 or 2 if I can steal Jeremy's

27. Who are you missing right now? my baby girl

28. Who do you think is handsome?: Jeremy

29. Who do you think is beautiful?: Emily

30. What is the most important Character trait? honesty


Anonymous Tanya said...

Just stopping by your blog again, hope you don't mind. I'm also stealing your survey--I like em too! :o)

Don't let Jeremy be mean to you, put him in his place! :o)

4:22 PM  
Blogger christ*el #3tx said...

wow! thanks for the nod.
hope to see you around my blog more.

9:18 AM  
Blogger MrsTito said...

Jeremy is a good boy. Too bad he sucks at Poker. HA!

No problem coffee lady, I like your orange kitty, he is really cute!

9:29 AM  
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