Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Am I addicted?

Lately, I've been playing a lot of Texas Hold'Em poker. It started innocently enough. Jeremy and I had a night off from the kid and nothing better to do, so we went to this bar called the Hillbilly Hideaway. It was our kind of place. Laid back, not overpriced, and good, fun people. The bartender told us that they hold FREE Poker Tournaments on Tuesday and Saturday nights, and we left that night, thinking, cool, but nah, we'll never go....

Fast forward a few weeks and now we know the entire Poker tour schedule by heart. What nights, what locations, if you need to preregister or if you can just walk on in, who the local card shark is, etc.

It was our little Tuesday night date for a few weeks. Just me and Jer and a couple of beers - home and in bed before 11 p.m. My mom would take Emily because my dad was out of town and it was their little Tuesday night date. Then, last Friday, we decided to try out a new location (the bowling alley) because I had already won my "tournament" spot on Tues and the Hideaway. Then, Saturday night, Jer went to the Hillbilly. Sunday, I went to the Pub. Last night, Jer went to the Hillbilly. Tonight, I'm going to the Pub. Friday night we are going to the bowling alley again. So, in the past week we've played in 5 tournaments! oops.... And, when we are not playing for real, one of us has up and running! At least it's FREE right?


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