Thursday, January 12, 2006

Directionally Challenged

I'm new to the area, and I'm constantly getting lost! I have the major roads down, but anytime I have to drive (especially "downtown") I get totally turned around!

Today, I was a total idiot. I had to go work at our downtown office and I had to stop at this place where I've been a few times to drop stuff off. Every time I try to find this place, I can't! I missed the turn, so I decided to go up one road and try to cut back. Oops. I ended up at some intersection and had to make a decision to turn left or right. Me being me, I chose the wrong direction and ended up back where I started! On the other side of the Indian River! How does this happen to me? So, I turn back around and start all over. This time, I make the right turn (WHOO HOO) but I still miss the building and this time, I can't find my own damn office! Argh. So, 20 minutes later I find my office, come in sit down and start writing this blog! I guess I'll have to venture out at lunch and try to find my original destination...


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