Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Fat and Cranky

I guess I was tired of the "fat" part of the fat and happy combo, so I started doing Weight Watchers with a co-worker. Now, I'm just a little less fat and a little more cranky all due to a lack of onion rings.

Diets suck, then you still die fat.

After a few weeks of this diet, I'm half tempted to consider another pregnancy just so I can eat what I want and not have to justify it (I'm pregnant, bring me the triple cheeseburger and garbage fries please). Ok, maybe not.

See what happens when Mommy turns her back for just one minute to attempt a home cooked meal?


Anonymous Tanya said...

I've been doing weight watchers for a while and I have lost A LOT of weight. Are you doing points or core? With the points, you can still have onion long as it fits within your daily points. That's what I love about it and has actually made it really easy for me.

4:24 PM  

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