Monday, August 07, 2006

Another Poker Weekend

Last week the "location" finals were held for our Poker League. Every night, Jeremy was at the Vero Bowl either dealing or playing and I got the chance to play on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday I sucked. Wednesday I sucked not as bad. Saturday I didn't even want to play, so I sucked. Yesterday, I did well, but not good enough, so needless to say, I came away empty handed. Jeremy ended up with 2 wins (Wednesday and Sunday), we are in the Regional Finals this weekend!!! 66 players and the winner gets $5000 to use towards any poker tournament, satellite tournament or poker school. I like our odds...

Now I just have to work out the logistics. We have to be in Wellington around 11 a.m., which means we need to leave our house by about 930 or 1000 and we won't be home until 8ish. That is a lot of babysitting money! Plus, lunch and dinner, etc. Argh.


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