Thursday, August 10, 2006

More Fun With Numbers

On Saturday, Jeremy and I will be driving to Gypsy's Irish Pub for the Regional Finals for our Texas Hold Em Poker league. The directions on the league website indicate we should take 95, however, MapQuest is telling me to take the Turnpike. What do I choose?

From Our House to Gypsy's via the Turnpike:
74.72 miles times gas mileage = 3.25 gallons of gas
3.25 gallons of gas times Average = $9.78
Turnpike Tolls = $4.20
ROUNDTRIP = $23.76

From Our House to Gypsy's via 95:
85.96 miles times gas mileage = 3.74 gallons of gas
3.74 gallons of gas times Average = $11.26
ROUNDTRIP = $22.52

We're taking 95! It's going to save us $1.24! Which everyone knows by now equals .41 gallons of gas and 9.48 miles farther we can drive!!!


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