Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A True Story

I've often called our new town "the biggest small town". Here is a story to back that up:

On Sunday morning around 6:30 a.m. my Dad and Uncle Greg went down to the marina where my dad keeps my his boat. They immediately noticed a little girl about 2 years old wandering around. They assumed that her parents were nearby and went about the business of preparing the boat. A little while later when they put the boat in the water, they noticed that same little girl and took a closer look. She had no shoes on, and was crying. My dad went over to her and picked her up. They had no cell phone, so they knocked on the door of the police officer who happens to own the marina, but he didn't answer. A few minutes later, my mom showed up, and they used her cell phone to call 9-1-1. The police came and took the little girl into custody, and my parents went about their day.

All weekend our family pondered who that girl was, how she got out by the river, where her parents where, was she ok, and what happened?

This morning, as I was dropping Emily off at daycare, I saw that one of my favorite parents Lindsey was there at the same time. I like Lindsey because she is my age, she is a single mother, she is beautiful, nice, easy to talk to, and I need my nails done, and that's what she does for a living, so by running into her, I saved myself a phone call. Her daughter Malia, is almost the same age as Emily, so they play together well and we've often pondered a playdate.

Can anyone guess where this story is going?

I walked in and overheard Lindsey telling MiMi to make sure that she locks the doors, because Malia knows how to unlock them now. I asked her if she had heard the story about the little girl that they found this weekend by the water, and she said "Yes, that was Malia!!!"

Apparently, Malia had spent the night at her grandparents house and someone had not locked the door properly. Malia had woken up early and wandered out. She opened the bedroom door, the back door, and the gate to get outside. She walked several blocks along a canal, railroad tracks, a busy road and the river until she was found by my Dad.

What a lucky little girl and what a small world!!!


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